Delivery of documents up to 0.5 kg to CIS from Ukraine by Aramex


Delivery of documents up to 0.5 kg to CIS from Ukraine by Aramex:

Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.

Delivery time – 1-3 days from the date of departure from Kyiv

How to call a courier to send documents?

To make an order for the courier to arrive, you need to tell us the address where to pick up the shipment and the contact phone number of the sender.

  • Place an order on the website: add to the cart, fill out a simple form and send the order, the sender will be contacted and a courier will be sent.
  • Delivery of documents up to 0.5 kg to CIS from Ukraine by Aramex can be paid immediately on the website when ordering
  • Contact by e-mail, phone, or messengers – Contacts
  • Contact the chat on the site or call for the necessary information
  • Read the procedure information – Payment and delivery

The courier will call by phone number and arrive at the address from the contact form on the website or ordering in another way.

Any additional information needed for safe delivery of the shipment, you can write in the note, when placing an order.

How we organize the delivery of documents up to 0.5 kg to CIS from Ukraine by Aramex?

What is the estimated weight?

  • Estimated weight is the weight at which the cost of delivery to the desired country is calculated. The calculated weight is considered greater – volumetric or physical.
  • Physical is determined by weighing. The volumetric weight is calculated by the dimensions of the shipment in the package according to the formula:
    volumetric weight = length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 5000
  • If the volumetric weight exceeds the physical, then the cost of delivery is calculated when ordering by volumetric weight. If the physical is greater, then the physical.
  • For documents, the physical weight always exceeds the volumetric one, so there is no need to carry out volume calculations for documents.
  • For parcels, packages, parcels, and cargo, the calculated weight always must be applied.

What are the terms and conditions of Aramex delivery from Ukraine?

  • Aramex adheres to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) air transport regulations and the UN Agreement on the International Land Transport of Dangerous Goods (UNAIDS). Local government regulations apply for land transport.
  • The sender clearly and in detail indicates information about the contents of the cargo, the address of the recipient, and the return address, the packaging is provided (the service can be ordered directly from the service), and all the necessary accompanying documents are attached.
  • By default, all shipments are transported on express delivery terms, except when this is not available for the destination. If the sender requires a different type of delivery, this should be indicated at checkout.
  • Aramex in Ukraine does not check and control the contents of shipped goods. However, the sender assumes that the cargo meets all the requirements of the company and current legislation.

What are the delivery restrictions by Aramex service from Ukraine?

  • The maximum value or declared value of the shipment is 10000usd.
  • The maximum value or declared value of jewelry is 500usd.
  • The maximum actual weight of one piece is 20 kg2. The maximum length of one seat is 105 cm.
  • Locations with a higher size-to-weight ratio have a bulk density that is greater than the actual weight.
  • Items exceeding the established shipping limits will not be accepted.
  • Aramex International does not deliver to Government Post Office Boxes.

What is Aramex’s responsibility for shipping?

  • For international delivery, international conventions are applied – Warsaw or Montreal Convention and CMR. The rules of the Warsaw, Montreal and CMR conventions regulate and, in most cases, limit liability for loss, damage or delay in shipment.
  • If the recipient is an individual, then his individual tax number is required for customs purposes. If the sender or recipient does not provide the recipient’s tax number if requested, Aramex will automatically return the shipment to the country of origin.
  • The shipment must not contain items prohibited for carriage, must not contain goods that may threaten the lives of people or animals, vehicles or in any other way spoil or damage other transported goods.
  • If a shipment requires customs clearance, it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure or ensure that the recipient provides Aramex with all the information and accurate documentation required for this purpose. Aramex will act at the expense and expense of the shipper to clear customs in the destination country. The sender also agrees that Aramex can be considered the recipient solely for the purpose of nominating a customs broker to clear customs in accordance with local laws.
  • Aramex may deliver the shipment to the recipient named on the bill of lading or to any other person who appears to be able to receive the shipment on behalf of the recipient (for example, a person in the same premises or the recipient’s neighbors).
  • The complete Terms and Conditions are available in the Service Directories and on the global site. These rules are governed first by international law, then by the laws of the country where the shipment is sent for delivery.

Delivery of documents up to 0.5 kg to CIS from Ukraine by Aramex is carried out according to the general rules of international service.

Delivery of documents up to 0.5 kg to CIS from Ukraine by Aramex in normal mode is carried out within 1-3 days from the date of departure from Kyiv, excluding the time of customs clearance in the country of destination.

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