Cargo Ukraine

Cargo Ukraine — integrated courier service, designed to offer the best price for delivery abroad from Ukraine of commercial and private goods, regardless of the geography of destination.

Approximate terms of international delivery during the war – from 7 days and above. All delivery is in transit through EU countries.

What are the prices (tariffs) for exports from Ukraine by the Cargo service in 2024?

Price Cargo Ukraine 01-01-2024

* Instructions for the table at the bottom of the page. Prices are in UAH

How to send Cargo documents abroad from Ukraine?

  • Call a courier
  • Transfer documents and data of the recipient
  • Pay for delivery
  • Wait a few days for the documents to reach the destination country

How to send a Cargo parcel abroad from Ukraine?

  • Agree on the cost
  • Call a courier
  • Give the parcel and documents to customs (photocopy of passport and proof of value)
  • Provide the recipient’s address
  • Pay for delivery
  • Wait a while until the parcel arrives at its destination

What documents does Cargo need to deliver cargo abroad?

  • If you are sending documents, you need to know the recipient’s address, name and phone number.
  • If you are shipping, you must provide a photocopy of your passport and proof of value (check from the store, sales invoice, contract).
  • In difficult cases, other documents are required, so contact us and get advice on the design of your cargo.

How to call a courier to deliver Cargo?

  • In order for the courier to arrive, you need to tell us the address where to pick up the shipment and the sender’s contact phone number.
  • Make a phone call or Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram on tel. 093-348-01-31 или 067-823-02-19 
  • Chat on the website or call during business hours to order a courier.
  • The courier will arrive as soon as possible.
  • If you place an order in the Catalog of Services, the courier will arrive at the address specified in the order.
  • Delivery abroad from Ukraine is organized with us as simply as possible for the sender.
  • All you have to do is give the courier the cargo, documents and pay for delivery.
  • Contact Delivery Ukraine from any city from any country.

To which countries of the world can I send Cargo?

  • International delivery Cargo Ukraine sends documents and cargo from Kiev to all countries.
  • You can get acquainted in detail with the nuances for each country in the relevant sections of the site.
  • Countries by distance from Ukraine for price calculations are as follows:
EU / UK (European Union and Great Britain)  –  ,,  ,  ,  
CAUCASUS / Wed. ASIA – ,    
ASIA 1 – , Gongong, ,  

ASIA 2– , ,

ОСТРОВИ – Delivery to the Islands (all small and large island states) – ,
,  ,  
EMBARGO – Iran, Yemen, Korea (North), Cuba, Lebanon,  , Tajikistan (parcels), Turkmenistan (parcels). These countries are sometimes inaccessible and not serviced due to wars and international sanctions, they also have special restrictions. Possibility of delivery needs to be specified on special request to Cargo Ukraine

What is Cargo Ukraine?

  • Cargo Ukraine is an integrated courier service designed to offer the best price for the delivery of international courier goods (FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex) due to a slight increase in delivery time.
  • Cargo is moved in prefabricated air containers. Therefore, the processing time at European and Asian sorting airports can be increased by 1-2 days, compared to the eponymous direct courier service.
  • Delivery times due to the consolidation of cargo for one-time customs clearance can be increased by 1-2 days compared to the same direct courier service.
  • Customs clearance of cargo in Ukraine has the same priority as all courier goods.
  • Customs clearance of cargo in the countries of destination has a lower priority compared to courier goods of top international courier services. Upon arrival in the country of destination, the cargo is usually processed after express shipments.
  • Cargo is, first of all, a cargo transportation service. Cheaper compared to standard courier service is achieved through cargo consolidation, groupage shipments and additional regional sorting.
  • International delivery has been processing courier goods with a reduced price due to consolidation since 2015.
  • Cargo Ukraine provides service in Ukraine in accordance with the general standards of partner courier services different for each country to save more costs for international delivery.
  • Cargo Ukraine independently carries out customs clearance and sends couriers to senders anywhere in Ukraine.
  • In the country of destination, the cargo is delivered by a local partner courier service, in particular. FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex, DHL, etc.
  • The international tracking number is provided after customs clearance and departure of Cargo cargo from Ukraine. It is available immediately after registration in the personal account of regular senders or a request for one-time deliveries.
  • All shipments of cargo after departure from the country are tracked on international sites as a regular courier.

How to track Cargo delivery?

  • To find out the current status or receive confirmation of delivery, you need to enter the number of the consignment note, which is provided after customs clearance, on the international website of the relevant courier service.
  • Cargo tracking number and partner service for tracking abroad is provided immediately after customs clearance in Ukraine.
  • Links to international sites to track shipments are available on this site on price pages.

International cargo shipment Ukraine – the main features

  • Affiliate service in the destination country is determined by Cargo (not the sender)
  • It is possible to send cargo and correspondence to any of these countries of any weight.
  • If the weight of the shipment exceeds 5 kg of actual or volumetric weight, the cost of shipment must be agreed with the personal manager.
  • Tariffs for international transportation of goods apply to all major cities of Ukraine.
  • For exports from remote settlements, a surcharge is charged for transportation to Kyiv in accordance with current tariffs.
  • The delivery time of any shipments is approximate, usually a few days from the moment of departure from Kiev.
  • Delivery times from other cities increase by 1-2 days – time spent on the road to Kiev and customs clearance.

What are the rules and conditions of shipment of Cargo from Ukraine?

  • Cargo provides its customers with two types of international delivery: documents (envelope) and cargo (box)
  • Shipments accepted by the company are provided with branded packaging, depending on weight and dimensions.
  • Payment is made according to Cargo tariffs based on the information provided by the sender.
  • Shipments marked by the sender as “envelope” and “parcel” must match the size of the appropriate branded packaging.
  • The cost of delivery can be determined by the company based on weight.
  • It is calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of the package (in centimeters) and then dividing the resulting by 5000.
  • If the result is more than the actual weight, the shipment fee will be charged according to the higher weight.
  • If customs clearance is required for shipment, it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure or ensure that the consignee provides Cargo Ukraine with all necessary information and accurate documentation for these purposes, and will participate in customs clearance if necessary.
  • Any partner courier service in the country of destination will operate at the expense of the sender and at his expense for customs clearance in the country of destination. The consignor also agrees that Cargo may be considered a consignee solely for the purpose of appointing a customs broker to carry out customs clearance in accordance with local law.
  • The full text of the terms and conditions is contained in the Service Directories and on the international sites of partner courier services. These rules are governed first by international law, then by the laws of the country where the shipment is transferred for delivery.

What are the restrictions on delivery Cargo Ukraine?

  • Restrictions on shipments by weight vary depending on the country of destination and the specific service being ordered.
  • However, if you are processing a shipment weighing more than 300 kg, a prior arrangement with the company is required in any case.
  • Volume limitations. Shipment can be divided into several places in the appropriate nature of the cargo packaging.
  • In this case, their total weight should not exceed the weight limit for the specific country of destination.
  • If the weight of less than 20 kg is more than 300 cm, the shipment is considered large.
  • More information is available on the official website of the company or is available upon request.
  • Volume limit – Shipment can be divided into several packages.
  • Content restrictions. See the list of prohibited goods for delivery.
  • Postage-based postal items are also not accepted for forwarding.
  • Shipments addressed to subscribers’ boxes of state post offices are not accepted
  • Delivery times for non-documentary items are increasing temporarily, customs clearance of the country of destination is required. To check the distance, contact your personal manager and specify the index of the destination. Any consultations on foreign logistics Cargo Ukraine and proceduresCall a phone call orViber, WhatsApp, Telegram tel. 093-348-01-31 or 067-823-02-19 

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How to use the table of tariffs for delivery abroad?

  1. Determine in which geographical area the country is located, where to make delivery.
    • For example, England is in the remoteness of the EU UK,
    • And Qatar – in the area of ​​Asia 2,
    • This line contains the price you need.
    • The list of countries for each of the geographical areas is below on this page
  2. If you send documents up to 0.5 kg, & nbsp; which are placed in an envelope, you need the price – in the first column.
    • For example, delivery of an envelope of documents to England costs 1200 UAH.
  3. If you send a parcel up to 10 kg,   the required price is in the second and third columns
    • You need to know the physical and volumetric weight of the parcel to determine the estimated weight.
      • Physical weight is determined by scales.
      • Volumetric weight is calculated by the formula: length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight
      • Estimated weight is the weight at which the price of delivery to the desired country is calculated.
      • Estimated weight is considered to be greater – volume or physical. It is rounded up with a step of 0.5 kg.
    • The price in the second column is for the first 0.5 kg of the parcel, and in the third – for each subsequent 0.5 kg.tre
      • For example, a parcel of 2 kg and dimensions of 20 cm * 30 cm * 20 cm in England is calculated:
      • 20 * 30 * 20/5000 = 2.4 kg. Volumetric weight is more than physical, rounding up to 0.5, ie the price is calculated for a weight of 2.5 kg
      • 2.5 kg = 0.5 kg + 4 * 0.5 kg, ie for England is equal to: 1500 (second column) + 4 * 170 (third column) = 2180 UAH.
  4. If you ship more than 10 kg, then the desired price is in the fourth and fifth columns
    • You need to know the physical and volumetric weight of the parcel to determine the estimated weight.
      • Physical weight is determined by scales.
      • Volumetric weight is calculated by the formula: length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight
      • Estimated weight is the weight at which the price of delivery to the desired country is calculated.
      • Estimated weight is considered to be greater – volume or physical. It is rounded up with a step of 1 kg.
    • The price in the fourth column is indicated for the first 10 kg of the parcel, and in the fifth – for each subsequent 1 kg.
      • For example, a parcel of 12.2 kg and dimensions of 40 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm in England is calculated: 40 * 40 * 30/5000 = 9.6 kg. Physical weight is more than bulk, and rounding up to 1 kg, ie the price is calculated for a weight of 13 kg
      • 13 kg = 10 kg + 3 * 1 kg, ie for Englandis equal to: 4700 (fourth column) + 3 * 220 (fifth column) = 5360 UAH.
  5. If you find it difficult to understand the calculations , please contact our contacts, we will calculate the cost of delivery.
  6. If you do not have accurate data to calculate the cost & nbsp; (you do not know the exact weight and dimensions), we will calculate the cost after selecting the shipment and processing it for customs purposes, weighing and measuring the actual cargo in the package yourself.