Delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine

How much does it cost – the delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine?

  • See the price of the delivery of documents abroad in the first column on the pages of each of the world’s top courier services available in Ukraine.
  • You can send any documents abroad by courier to the recipient’s address.
  • All delivery of documents abroad does NOT require approval.
  • You can order a courier for the delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine from any country – contact us by e-mail or phone messengers +38 (067) 823-02-19 Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram

How to send documents from Ukraine abroad?

  • Make an order, ask for a courier.
  • Send us data of the sender and the recipient.
  • Pay for shipping.
  • Wait for 2-3 days until the documents reach the destination country.

What documents can be sent abroad from Ukraine?

  • Any, the main thing is that the weight is up to 0.5 kg and the documents are placed in an envelope
  • Typical documents are sheets of paper up to A4 size folded with letters printed. In the event that the documents are not typical, in many cases, customs clearance of documents may be required as valuable cargo.
  • The following things can be sent to most countries as documents:
    • Airline Ticket Issue
    • Blueprints
    • Books
    • Checks
    • Magazines
    • Drawings
    • Newspapers
    • Slides
    • Photos (Photographs)
    • Business cards – up to 100 pieces !!!, if more only as a product.
    • Credit Cards – there are some restrictions in the legislation of Ukraine
    • Manuals
    • Passports
  • Delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine has some restrictions.

What documents cannot be sent from Ukraine abroad?

  • State secrets
  • Documents, the export of which is limited by the legislation of Ukraine
  • Documents requiring customs clearance, without customs clearance
  • There are some restrictions on identity documents.
  • You cannot send documents by courier services to post office boxes of state postal services.

What is important to know when documents are being delivered abroad?

  • Documents undergo simplified custom clearance.
  • Typically, the recipient does not need to participate in customs clearance.
  • The documents go through customs and go to the address indicated by the sender.
  • You cannot send documents without specifying the recipient, his phone number, address with zip code.
  • The documents are handed over to the address, not in person, i.e. to places intended for receiving correspondence for companies or persons located at the address or neighbors for individuals.
  • In countries where local traditions of courier delivery and the rules of the corresponding service allow this, documents may be served impersonally. For example, in a mailbox, as is customary in Belgium, Austria, Italy. Or under the door, as happens in the USA, Canada, Mexico.
  • If you require mandatory delivery against a signature, you need to use the FedEx service, where this is provided by the delivery technology.

How do I send documents that don’t fit in an envelope?

Доставка документов за границу / Delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine

  • If the documents are of a larger format, they can be sent if the sender provides them in a hard package – tube, box, folder
  • The rest is the same as other documents.

How to send documents abroad from Ukraine and then back to Ukraine?

  • In this case, return waybills are formed immediately when sending abroad and are inserted into an envelope when sending envelope from Ukraine.
  • Thus, the recipient in the destination country receives ready-made return shipping bills along with the shipment.
  • He only has to give the return shipment together with these waybills to the courier.
  • Or he can independently hand over the envelope with the transport waybills received from Ukraine to the courier service in his country after some time (the return waybill is valid for two weeks).
  • If he does this, the return shipment will quickly arrive in Ukraine.
  • The recipient in Ukraine will have to pay for the delivery and receive the documents by courier at the address.
  • Please note that the return shipment will not take place without the participation of the recipient abroad.

Can I send documents weighing more than 0.5 kg?

  • Yes, of course, you can send documents of any weight.
  • The cost of transporting heavier documents is calculated in the tables with prices by columns as for the cargo (boxes).
  • Larger documents must be sent in hard packaging.

How to send a diploma abroad from Ukraine?

  • Same way as ordinary documents.
  • If the recipient is a foreign university, it is necessary to indicate detailed instructions for delivery in the address – in universities, as a rule, there are many buildings, departments, departments, divisions, etc.
  • It is best to include the destination and contact person in a note when sending.

How to send a book abroad from Ukraine?

  • In most cases, books require customs clearance and are shipped as cargo.
  • Most countries have restrictions on acceptable content (bans on communist or capitalist ideology, Nazi or terrorist symbols, anti-religious propaganda, anti-Islamic or anti-Jewish texts, texts in a specific language, etc.)
  • A book can be sent as documents if it contains up to 100 liters and is placed in an envelope to those countries where customs check of imported books are not required.

How to send a passport or ID-card abroad from Ukraine?

  • Same way as ordinary documents.
  • Foreign passports of any country can be sent without restrictions.
  • Delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine has some restrictions in case of sending domestically passport. There are checks on the identity of the passport. There are restrictions that can be applied to any passports at the discretion of the custom’s inspector.

How to send a credit card or debit card abroad?

  • You can send an inactivated bank card in a bank envelope without a pin code. 
  • The carriage of bank cards is subject to restrictions. It is prohibited to send funds. This is equivalent to transporting money.
  • The funds on the card cannot be verified, so only a blank card can be sent without hindrance.
  • Customs have the right to prevent the transportation of means of payment.
  • If a bank card is identified in ordinary documents during the random inspection, the card can be cut in half.

Can printing be sent as documents?

  • Printing, namely: business cards, catalogs, brochures, booklets, labels that are of an advertising nature and are sent abroad in commercial quantities can only be sent as cargo.
  • Non-commercial samples in piece quantities weighing up to half a kilogram, which fit in an envelope, can be sent as documents.

How to send photos abroad from Ukraine?

  • Same way as ordinary delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine.
  • If the photos are for advertising purposes, there may be restrictions on the large number.
  • Photos that can be identified as art, rare, collectible or antique photos may require permission from the Ministry of Culture to be sent abroad.
    In some countries of the world, there is a ban on sending photographs of erotic content, or photographs with anatomically explicit details of a female figure.

How to send a CD or USB stick abroad?

  • As a regular cargo subject to customs clearance requirements.
  • The storage media cannot be sent abroad as documents, although they are placed in an envelope.
  • Many countries around the world provide customs checks on the contents of media.
  • Unidentified media with incomprehensible content may be detained upon import if sent as documents.

Delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine has some restrictions.

You can order a courier for the delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine from any country – contact us by e-mail or phone messengers +38 (067) 823-02-19 Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram

Delivery of documents abroad from Ukraine