International delivery from Ukraine of documents and goods worldwide!

International mail delivery from any city of Ukraine!

Delivery from Ukraine to USA -1600 uah

Delivery from Ukraine to
EUROPE – 1100

Do you need reliable international delivery from Ukraine by company with many years of experience in the market? Do you want to never worry about how your shipments are delivered?

To send documents only the address and telephone number of the recipient are required.

To send the goods, you also need a photocopy of the sender’s passport. And that’s it!

You can pay for delivery from Ukraine by Visa/Mastercard from any country!

Call a courier throughout Ukraine

We carry out orders from abroad.
You can pay by card.

Parcel delivery to EUROPE
1500 uah.
+170 uah/0,5 kg

Delivery Aramex
– 1600
uah. to Asia,

Parcel delivery 10 kg to Russia – 5400 uah
+220 uah/1 kg.

All Shipping Prices

Delivery to the USA and Canada
documents (envelope) – 1300 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 1600 UAH + 220 UAH / 0.5 kg
cargo from 10 kg – 5930 UAH + 290 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to Near Europe – Austria, England, Belgium, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Scotland, Estonia
documents (envelope) – 1150 UAH
parcels to 10 kg – 1550 UAH + 180 UAH / 0.5 kg
cargo from 10 kg – 4970 UAH + 220 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to Far Europe – Greece, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro, Sweden
documents (envelope) – 1350 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 1800 UAH + 250UAH / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 6550 UAH + 270 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to Popular Asia – Hong Kong, Israel, India, China, Korea (South), Malaysia, Mongolia, Palestine, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan
documents (envelope) – 1650 UAH
parcel up to 10 kg – 2100 UAH + 275 UAH / 0.5 kg
cargo from 10 kg – 7325 UAH + 250 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to Arab Asia – Bangladesh, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Oman
documents (envelope) – 1400 UAH
parcels to 10 kg – 1600 UAH + 200g / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 5400 UAH + 430 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to Australia, New Zeland
documents (envelope) – 1650 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 2100 UAH + 275 UAH / 0.5 kg
cargo from 10 kg – 7325 UAH + 250 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to CIS countries – Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
documents (envelope) – 1100 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 1450 UAH + 170 UAH / 0.5 kg
cargo from 10 kg – 4680 UAH + 200 UAH / 1 kg

Delivery to Far Asia Brunei, Bhutan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Syria, Sri Lanka, etc.
documents (envelope) – 1750 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 2200 UAH + 350 UAH / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 8610 UAH + 510UAH / 1kg

Delivery to Islands
documents (envelope) – 2300 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 2300 UAH + 430gr / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 10 470 UAH + 700 UAH / 1k

Delivery to Near Africa
documents (envelope) – 1600 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 1800 UAH + 220gr / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 5980 UAH + 450 UAH / 1k

Delivery to Far Africa
documents (envelope) – 1900 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 2100 UAH + 280 UAH / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 7420 UAH + 550 UAH / 1k

Delivery to America – Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Guatemala, Guiana (French), Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Chile , Ecuador
documents (envelope) – 1850 UAH
parcels up to 10 kg – 2300 UAH + 370UAH / 0.5kg
cargo from 10 kg – 9330 UAH + 510UAH / 1kg

24 Years Experience!
Worldwide Delivery

We have been providing overseas delivery services for 24 years!

We have gained invaluable experience. We deliver worldwide in the courrier network.

We know how to make international delivery for you quickly, reliably, with a minimum of obstacles. As simple as possible for you, without nerves and hassle!

Since 1995 in the market. We Ship With FedEx!

We provide delivery services in the TOP1 network in the world of the American corporation – Federal Express

We deliver documents and goods abroad, transport letters and goods for any business, including goods from online stores, from any city of Ukraine to 226 countries of the world.

The fastest delivery from Ukraine!

FEDEX Shipping Prices

Aramex – Unlimited Delivery!

We provide overseas delivery services in the Aramex network

From any city of Ukraine around the world! Cheap air cargo delivery to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Minimal customs barriers and economical tariffs.

We help with difficult shipments!

Aramex Shipping Prices

The fastest delivery from Ukraine – from 1 to 3 days from the date of departure from Kiev!

Nobody does faster!

From any city!

Daily departure from Boryspil airport at 13-00

When selecting a departure from 9-00 to 10-00 flies on the same day!

Fast and easy customs clearance without consignor

All you need is a photocopy of your passport!

International Delivery Abroad from Ukraine – 1-3 days

International Delivery is a courier service in Ukraine, which will allow you to send documents and cargo to any country in the world.

You are available international delivery of goods, documents and goods for any business, including goods from online stores, from any city of Ukraine to 226 countries of the world.

All directions available. The most popular are shipping to the USA, shipping to China, shipping to the UAE, shipping to Russia, shipping to Poland, shipping to Germany, etc.

International shipments go to 226 countries with minimal restrictions.

International express delivery

available to our customers in the TOP1 networks of global courier services – FedEx, Aramex. Each of these international courier services has its own advantages and features. We provide our customers with the widest selection of international delivery options.

Our courier company is an authorized agent in Ukraine of the top international courier services, FedEx, Aramex in Ukraine.

We provide our customers with a choice of speed, cost and quality of international delivery services!


Selection of departure anywhere in Ukraine!

The fastest delivery of your international departure directly to the plane


Easy payment for any shipment

You can pay the shipment to the courier, receive a one-time account for a bank transfer, or sign an agreement for permanent work


Delivery of documents

Cheap and fast document delivery worldwide
The fastest time 1-3 days from the date of departure from the country


Easy customs clearance

Simple and easy customs clearance of express goods that you send abroad. Paperwork and advice for you

Contract customers
Documents sent
Cargo delivered
Successful delivery

No. 1 in the World International Delivery to Your Services!

We have been cooperating with top corporations in the field of delivery worldwide for more than 20 years!

We make deliveries for them in Ukraine, they are for us – around the world!

Get the widest opportunities for international delivery with the largest selection of options in Ukraine!

Международная Доставка FedEx

FedEx in Ukraine

Fast, reliable, inexpensive!

Contact by phone: +38 067-823-02-19





Международная Доставка Aramex

Aramex in Ukraine

Economically and without obstacles!

Contact by phone:: +38 063-181-41-73









Доставка по Киеву и Украине - Добра Доставка

Good Delivery anywhere in Ukraine!

Modern logistics service,
national courier delivery service for any business.
Reliable contract logistics in Kiev and the fastest delivery in Ukraine!

Contact by phone:: +38 063-181-41-76





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International delivery

from Ukraine

  • we deliver ANY shipments abroad to all countries of the world
  • for ANY legal or natural person
  • with orders that we receive at ANY time
  • with selection in ANY due date
  • as quickly as possible
    as simple as possible for a customer

Our contacts in Ukraine

Why is it beneficial to cooperate with us?

Because we are the best! Because, you will not have any problems with international delivery (and this, we must honestly say – a difficult matter)!

Experienced specialists at your service!

At any time, you have the opportunity to receive free comprehensive advice on pressing issues!

The fastest delivery in Ukraine and around the world!

We confidently say that almost no one in Ukraine will provide you with such a speed of international delivery of documents or goods that we can provide you!

Competitive rates. Easy to order delivery and easy to pay!

We have provided you with the best international shipping prices. We also provided you with the best choice of options in Ukraine – you can send almost anything, anywhere, anywhere!

What do our customers say?

Every day we receive gratitude from our valued customers for our work.

I sent from my city samples of oils from different berries to Austria and Poland. No one undertook to send my cargo abroad. But I found this service and ventured to send. To my surprise, they took only a photocopy of my passport and my cargo was delivered on the fourth day. Amazing
Ганущак Ирина
г. Ивано-Франковск, Академика Сахарова 23
Regular dispatch of my goods – embroidered shirts, which are embroidered manually – is easy and simple. Especially fast is FedEx shipping to the United States for my customers there even in the most remote regions. It is very convenient to cooperate! Recommend.
Черуха Андрей
м.Киев, ул Верхний Вал 51/28
I needed to send tests for the dna test abroad. All refused me, but it was vitally necessary! The guys coolly advised me, I prepared the necessary documents for customs, after which the analysis got to the laboratory in the USA in five days. Thank you so much!
Шеремета Ганна
г. Суми, Робитнича 57/11

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